M3DB, a distributed time series database

Configuration file

# Include this field if you want to enable an embedded M3 Coordinator instance coordinator: # Address for M3 Coordinator to listen for traffic. listenAddress: <url> # Configuration for a DB node (required) db: # Database index configuration index: # The maximum number of outstanding QueryID requests to service concurrently maxQueryIDsConcurrency: <int> # Limit on the max number of states used by a regexp deterministic finite automaton # Default = 10000 regexpDFALimit: <int> # Limit on the max number of bytes used by the finite state automaton # Default 10mb (10 million) regexpFSALimit: <int> # Likelihood that an incoming write is written to the next block when close to the block boundary forwardIndexProbability: <float> # Threshold for forward writes, as a fraction of the given namespace's bufferFuture forwardIndexThreshold: <float> # Configuration options to transform incoming writes transforms: # Truncatation type applied to incoming writes, valid options: [none, block] # none = No truncation occurs # block = Truncates incoming writes to the block boundary preceding this point's timestamp truncateBy: <string> # What to set all incoming write values to forceValue: <float> # Minimum log level emitted.
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