M3 Coordinator, API for reading/writing metrics and management


The M3 Coordinator implements the Prometheus Remote Read and Write HTTP endpoints, they also can be used however as general purpose metrics write and read APIs. Any metrics that are written to the remote write API can be queried using PromQL through the query APIs as well as being able to be read back by the Prometheus Remote Read endpoint. Remote Write Write a Prometheus Remote write query to M3.
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Configuration file

M3 Coordinator and M3 Query share the same configuration options. # The server listen address listenAddress: <url> # Options for emitting metrics metrics: # Metrics scope scope: # Prefix prepended to metrics collected prefix: <string> # Reporting frequendy of metrics collected reportingInterval: <duration> # Tags shared by metrics collected tags: <map of strings> # Configuration for a Prometheus reporter (if used) prometheus: # Metrics collection endpoint for application # Default = "/metrics" handlerPath: <string> # Listen address for metrics # Default = "0.
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