This document is a getting started guide to integrating InfluxDB data pipelines with M3.

Writing metrics using InfluxDB line protocol

To write metrics to M3 using the InfluxDB line protocol, simply form the request as you typically would line separated and POST the body to /api/v1/influxdb/write on the coordinator. Note that timestamp is in nanoseconds from Unix epoch.

This example writes two metrics weather_temperature and weather_wind using the current time in nanoseconds as the timestamp:

curl -i -X POST "http://localhost:7201/api/v1/influxdb/write" --data-binary "weather,location=us-midwest temperature=82,wind=42 $(expr $(date +%s) \* 1000000000)"

Querying for metrics

After successfully written you can query for these metrics using PromQL. All measurements are translated into metric names by concatenating the name with the measurement name.

The previous example forms the two following Prometheus time series:

weather_temperature{location="us-midwest"} 82
weather_wind{location="us-midwest"} 42

All metric names and labels are rewritten to contain only alphanumeric characters. Any non-alphanumeric characters are rewritten with an underscore.